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"If Not For You"

Song credits: A. Smith- Lyrics
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Once again Anne sang to a packed house performing her gorgeous originals and many familiar standards.
She is quite the entertainer and keeps the humor high with her anecdotes.
"The Handyman" song was a source of much laughter.


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Anne Smith :: Blog for September 2011


Hi, Everybody-

I had no intention of writing my September blog on 9/11, but here I am, time on my hands and a deadline to meet. It’s quiet here. Marc and I debated, in light of the reports on terrorist threats, whether or not to leave the city for a few days. In the end, we decided to stay, rather than to be reactive. It is a good day to reflect.

I took Luke out for a big workout this afternoon; we ran fast for ½ a mile around a track on the Hudson River Walk, played a strong game of tug, and practiced some commands. Thanks to some groundwork by trainer Kevin Behan in Vermont, Luke is doing really well and it’s a pleasure to be out and about with him. A handsome dog he is, and as he swaggers down the street, he leaves a wake of smiles~

A little league game was being played near the running track and on this National Day of Mourning, it seemed an affirmative tribute to Life. I enjoyed watching the faces of those involved: the players and spectators- babies, parents, grandparents, cousins…so many different races and generations represented. The vibe was peaceful and relaxed. I had the sensation of viewing a timeless scene in a glass bubble; the green grass under a blue sky, the white bases, the brightly colored t-shirts of the teams, the picnic tables surrounding the playing field…squinting, I cupped my hand around the imaginary glass bubble, protecting it from past pain or future injury, and made a promise to keep it in a safe place, this Little League Microcosm.

I had the very abstract thought (because recently I’ve been fascinated with fractal theory) that it would be such an amazing world to live in if this Little League Microcosm actually represented a cell from the Body of the Human Race. And this Body would be on a huge playing field, under a blue sky, surrounded by loving friends, family, and plenty of good food, with nothing to do but enjoy the game.

But as long as there are flags to be waved, and causes to divide, the Body of the Human Race will remain diseased and struggling. Until there is a way to replicate healthy cells to replace the diseased ones, the Body of the Human Race remains a 150 hitter at the bottom of the ninth inning. The bases are loaded, there are already 3 balls and 2 strikes.

Until Next Time
Xoxox Annie