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Anne interviewed by Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi of CBS Radio
Open to Hope Show:
Oct.5.2009 2:00-3:00 PM

Anne releases New Song: Aug.2009

"If Not For You"

Song credits: A. Smith- Lyrics
P. Colletti - Composer
Maxim Pakhomov - Piano

MTV Music Video Appearance

A.R.E. Weapons
"Weakest Ones" single
Directed by David Foote

Anne & Friends at
Don't Tell Mama:
Once again Anne sang to a packed house performing her gorgeous originals and many familiar standards.
She is quite the entertainer and keeps the humor high with her anecdotes.
"The Handyman" song was a source of much laughter.


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Anne Smith :: Blog for Mar. 2010


Hi, everybody! The minute I said to myself that I couldn’t take any more snow and rain, suddenly it’s warm! March 17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

Shamefully, I didn’t grab anything green to wear from my closet this morning, and was forced to go about my day surrounded by fellow teachers and my students all decked out in green. I simply forgot. I made a lame attempt to fasten a small green Gumby character to my necklace, but it looked garish against the lavender sweater I was wearing. Plus, the necklace was a beautiful hamsa hand from Israel, and Gumby looked a little weird hanging onto it. I tried to pass him off as a leprechaun. Or perhaps, a lepreCohen? Okay, not funny, but it’s late, and I forgot I had to write a blog for March. Tomorrow is my day off, and already I have a list of tasks awaiting execution. I’m not happy that I just noticed I’ve used the word “forgot” twice! In case you’re wondering, I am still sticking with Bikram Yoga and loving it….progress is slow. It is my third month and I have been pretty consistent in going 3 days a week. I like to wonder when I will be able to master every pose without thinking about it so much. My dog Sonny has been taking Wednesday night training classes with Pat McGregor, of Vancouver Dog Training. Pat is so passionate and committed to her teaching and as tired as I am, I’m always glad I went. It wipes Sonny out to have to think so hard and toe the line. He comes home and crashes. The class is about an hour, with the eventual goal of obtaining a Therapy Dog License, so I can take Sonny to schools and nursing homes, etc. to cheer people up. On the way over to class tonight, an elderly gentleman approached Sonny and me, and gently asked if he could pet him. Sonny is learning to sit when strangers ask to approach him, and it was so touching to see how much enjoyment this man received from hugging Sonny and petting him. Sonny must have sensed it too. No jumping or squirming. He just leaned into this man’s legs and sort of smiled; such a different experience from earlier in the day, when I was trying to rein Sonny in from chasing a huge rat that had run under a row of cars. Resembling a small white and powerful stallion, SonnyBoy galloped along 71st Street, sniffing and diving between parked cars, dragging me behind him. I had just come from the chiropractor’s office and the rat hunt very effectively reversed the benefits of a great session. Just as I got him under control, two girls came toward me, eyes fixed on Sonny. “Ohhh! Muy Precioso!!” they squealed loudly, ignoring me and immediately engaging Sonny’s ballistic tendencies, laughing and shrieking, encouraging Sonny to jump on them and “shake hands” This is where I have to vent: - please, please, God, why do 8 out of 10 people believe that it’s okay to start talking to someone else’s dog and put their hands all over it without asking permission? Or that it’s acceptable to let their dog start sniffing and interacting on leash, with a stranger’s dog on the street? Not only is it a dangerous habit, it’s damned rude. But of course, it’s my problem when Sonny wants to be rude back, by jumping or thrusting his snout into a crotch or two…I feel sorry for dogs in New York City. It must be so nerve-wracking, having strangers stick their hands in front of their noses to sniff. Hey, what if I just started going up to people’s babies and sniffing them, putting my hands in their stroller, holding my closed fist under the baby’s nose, rubbing the baby’s head and asking (but never acknowledging) the parents: “Boy or girl? Are you friendly? Hi there! Hi there! Yes, oh yes! Good boy! Oh, you’re just soooo cute!! Then I could lean in really close and put my face directly into the baby’s and see if the little being wanted to kiss me.” Funny, right? Will you visit me in jail? You know what I should do, now that I think about it? Make a little Hamsa Hand for Sonny to wear around his collar, to ward off the evil eye and and remind the idiots to keep their hands to themselves!

Until Next Time xox Annie