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Anne interviewed by Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi of CBS Radio
Open to Hope Show:
Oct.5.2009 2:00-3:00 PM

Anne releases New Song: Aug.2009

"If Not For You"

Song credits: A. Smith- Lyrics
P. Colletti - Composer
Maxim Pakhomov - Piano

MTV Music Video Appearance

A.R.E. Weapons
"Weakest Ones" single
Directed by David Foote

Anne & Friends at
Don't Tell Mama:
Once again Anne sang to a packed house performing her gorgeous originals and many familiar standards.
She is quite the entertainer and keeps the humor high with her anecdotes.
"The Handyman" song was a source of much laughter.


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Anne Smith :: Blog for Nov. 2009


Hi, everybody-this is my first venture ever into the world of blogging.

I have always kept journals, on and off throughout my life, and so I imagine that this kind of format will be enjoyable for me, provided that I don’t spill my guts all over the world. Recently thought about destroying my collection of journals-some of them make me cry when I read certain passages-some of them make me snicker; occasionally I come across an idea for a song. Most often I end up tracing one thread of my human experience from year to year- be it my consistent thread of over riding my instincts and making the same stupid mistakes, or my restlessness that ebbs and flows with predictable regularity. I’m reading a few different books just now-The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (very dark and bleak, but the sparse writing style appeals to me and easily translates to images in my mind), and Say Everything, (How Blogging Began, What it’s Becoming, and Why it Matters) by Scott Rosenberg. I wonder what Benjamin Franklin would have thought about blogs.

For those of you who know me, you know what a techno-phobe I am (and I hate this about myself)-and that whenever words like “permalinked post”, “RSS2.0”, “metafilters”, crop up in conversation, articles…and the Rosenberg book…I slip into a fog of feigned comprehension, nodding astutely, while in my mind I’m thinking “What in God’s name does that refer to?” Well, in the end, I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not I understand blogging in its entirety. I will share as with you aspects of my life, as honestly as I can, and hope that you won’t cry too much, and that maybe you’ll snicker once in awhile. As I type, my boyfriend Marc is training on his new cycle OP (a really expensive stationary bike that tells you everything you need to know about your blood sweat and tears) In an act of compromise he is cranking a jazz station, straight ahead be-bop…and for some reason this makes me snicker, because, well, it’s just not cycling music and he’s more of a Rock and Roll kind of guy. Thanks, Marc! Sonny, our dog, is curled up on his blue velvet pillow, listening. I think he likes jazz. Getting ready to go to our friends’ house. George and Donna Medina have started a small opera company, Empire Opera, and they hold occasional performances in the parlor of their beautiful brownstone home. Tonight “The Medium”, by Gian Carlo Menotti.

Ahhhh, Friday night. Today was a little stressful; as a Music Teacher at The Parkside School on West 74th, I accompanied my students at a fundraising event-a book fair for their families and friends at Barnes & Noble Bookstore near Lincoln Center. Of course, carrying the keyboard, charts, drum, etc, down there on a windy, rainy day was a little annoying…but lots of help from my awesome colleagues; the children sang beautifully and behaved well. As I was packing up my stuff, an attractive woman approached me and handed me a card, introducing herself as the grandmother of one of my students. “I’m a hairdresser,” she told me, patting my shoulder, “Come and see me.”

Good Lord. The thing is, I had only been meaning to schedule a hair appointment for 2 weeks, but kept putting it off…I had to admit, she had a point. To hell with it, I thought, and scheduled and appointment with her then and there. Happy to report, I have found a fantastic new hairdresser in my neighborhood, at R Salon on W79th, who charges much less than the salon I have been going to-and my hair looks better. Don’t be afraid to take a chance!

Until next time, xoxo Annie