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HI, Everybody-

I love Autumn. It's my favorite time of the year. It's when I make my best decisions. And it's also a time I identify with, metaphorically, as a woman who is no longer "Younger than Springtime", to cite a title from South Pacific.

Autumn Women (or can I cheat back some years and call myself an "Indian SummerWoman"?), are on fire, at the peak of their colorful lives and careers, and stopping all kinds of traffic on interstates as people slow down to look at them! They represent harvest, abundance, sensuality, transformation….Autumn Women are a cosmetologist's dream….reds, golds, purples, bronzes, yellows and browns, with hints of green, still lingering from summer.

It's my last Autumn in New York. It's official….leaving for Florida December 1st. It's happening so fast that I'm a little nervous. My CD is almost completed. I've been working with John Kilgore at John Kilgore Sound &Recording; it's a wonderful experience. For a few years, I have brought other people's projects to John, and I'm so excited to finally have my project in his studio.

We thought we'd have plenty of time for a little CD release party/going away party, but it's getting down to the wire! Marc is scheduling movers for the rest of our belongings. The furniture that was rented as part of the staging of the apartment is being returned at the end of this month, so if we are to have a party it will be standing room only! As my friend Toniann said, "Oh well, there'll be more room for dancing."

I WILL have a party, because I will want to say "see you soon" to lots of people. I have a feeling that moving to a large home in Florida for the winter will attract a lot of friends and family! I'm looking forward to spending more time with my twin sister and developing a series of workshops with her entitled, "Help for the Healer", based on light, sound and bodywork. She called me recently to say that she had ordered some fabric samples from a business in Canada that sells hemp cloth. She had the samples forwarded to her business, Help for the Healers, and the package arrived, addressed to "Hemp for the Healers". We'll get some milage out of that one.

Earlier in the day, I took Luke for a walk in Central Park and we watched all the activity going on around us: horses, cyclists, skaters, joggers, dog walkers, were in abundance. The initial stages of set up for the New York Marathon were in jumbled evidence. Yellow leaves swirled around us as we sat on a bench and took it all in. As usual, Luke attracted his usual cadre of admirers, from cute college girls to macho athletes that all fall for his handsome and regal bearing. He munched on a twig and took it all in stride.

On the way home, I spotted a set of dog's tags on the ground inside the park, and picked them up. They appeared to have been recently lost. They also didn't look "regulation" to me….one of the tags had a different kind of number than most id's. Maybe it was for a therapy dog? Thinking how happy I would be if someone turned in my dog's registration and immunization information, I decided to call the telephone number on the tag. A woman answered the phone and seemed amazed that I had found the tags and called her. She didn't realize they were missing. Even more convenient, she agreed to meet me in a few minutes in the neighborhood, as she lived one street away. I described myself, and told her that I would have my "large brown dog" with me. Luke and I were waiting on the corner of the designated street when a tall woman came rushing toward me, being dragged by two Golden Retriever dogs. "Amy?" she called, hesitantly, and before I could react, she allowed her two dogs to rush into Luke, who didn't expect it. Snarling, biting and barking ensued. I pulled Luke away, of course, and she told me, frowning, "that wasn't very friendly". Well…, it wasn't. I'm not going to use her name here, out of respect for anonymity, but I thought of a few other names, like "Clueless" and "Idiot" I put Luke in a sit and stay, while I handed her the tags. I was right…the unusual tag was for travel outside the US. She did thank me, while bending over her dog checking his face. He made one more snarling lunge at Luke before she turned and left. The whole thing kind of bummed me out. I thought I was doing something nice. Marc's favorite quote: "no good deed goes unpunished" echoed in my ears. Maybe I have been in NYC for too long. I need space!

I have a lot on my mind these days….so I hope you won't take it personally if I'm not great at returning phone calls or emails. But I hope you'll come to my party!

Until Next Time..xoxoxAnnie

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