Anne Smith :: Blog for April 2018

April 5, 2018

Hello, Everybody

I'm wishing you all a Happy Easter, a Good Passover, and a Joyful Spring Season of Renewal.

Spring and Autumn are so transitional, so poignant, and they hold great opportunities for making decisions and moving forward.

Spring cleaning is always a good way to organize your clutter but also to review personal situations that are no longer serving you. Sometimes we discover along the way that this situation may include friendships or relationships that have been limiting, controlling or destructive. Perhaps a person whom we have known for many years inexplicably causes a change in our perception of him/her, when we suddenly "see" that toxic trait or aspect to his/her character we were refusing to acknowledge. Nobody is perfect, of course. We are all flawed and broken by any number of conditions throughout our lives. The most exciting part of being human lies in getting to know your self and what makes you who you are. The most challenging part of being human is to know that we are all mirrors for one another. What makes you 'who you are' is another person, whether they are good or bad for you. Our experiences with others shape us. Fate and Free Will have their way with us in the great give and take of life.

It's not the other person who has changed. It's you. You have realized something important in that moment. Your eyes have been opened, and you will no longer see that person or situation in the same light. Do you know how you will know that it is okay to let it go? You will feel relieved, strong and calm. Drama-free. You will feel a shift happening, a shift toward self-renewal. You will have no desire to call in the Bridges and Tunnels repair crew. You're done, and you won't second guess your decision. You have more creative and appealing things to do with your life.

That being said, I'm happy and excited that my project, "The Good Guys Song" is underway. I hope to be announcing a launch date for the crowd-funding campaign sometime this month. There are a few platforms to choose from, and I've been reading up on the pros & cons for each. I'll be sending out texts, emails, and making phone calls to friends and family, to ask for support. Thank you, in advance! (You…you're good, you!)

I am continuing to stockpile husks, pods, and palm fronds. I have so many now that I am needing to rent a small storage unit to keep them. If you recall, I posted in an earlier blog that I am writing a curriculum for a workshop, "Palms Together," to teach with my sister. It involves working with victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse to create poems, prose, conversations, and art pieces.

When I see a moldy, dirty and discarded palm frond on the side of the road, I don't see yard waste. I see the beauty of its sensual form. When I bring it home and brush the dirt and mold away, and polish it back to its clean and natural state, the dry husk or frond takes on an appearance of skin. Glowing, sensual and beautiful skin; all colors of skin: tan, brown, reddish brown, peachy, white, and all the shades in between.

All of the husks have unique scars and patterns on them, a result of how they hit the ground, or perhaps where a machete cut them (especially if it is in a gated community). No two husks are the same. I carry a small handsaw in my car, in case I see a great frond or husk somewhere and need to cut off its long branch. To me, the scars are part of their stories. If my sister and I can help people to see that these dirty, scarred and fallen objects can be transformed into beautiful art pieces, I believe it will renew their spirits. Isn't "re-new" a beautiful word? Really, think of it in the literal sense. It's miraculous!

So-whether you are renewing your vows, your spirits, your faith, your membership to a gym, or just feeling the power of Spring: Go for it! Don't give up on yourself! Oh-and one more thing: "I think it's real important that the Good Guys win!"

Until Next Time xoxoxo

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