Exciting News!
Anne will perform at: Cinque Terre Restaurant
in Davie, Florida
Every Thursday 6PM-9:30PM

Anne Releases Her New CD: Separated by Words

New Blog Post for November 2015

Anne Smith is a New York City based singer-songwriter-pianist.
~Until Next Time~ Sung by Anne

Welcome to the website of Anne Smith, a New York City based singer, songwriter, pianist, entertainer. Anne is a songwriter and performer of soulful, original music which can be enjoyed on her new CD alongside unique rendition's of familiar jazz and Broadway standards. Her performances, most recently at Don't Tell Mama , cabaret theater on 46th Street in NYC, were filled with wit, humor and a dose of life lessons learned and torch songs tinkled on the keys.

Whether you are a filmmaker looking for a soundtrack or theme, a jazz singer checking out other vocalists’ arrangements, an events planner looking for a solo act or performer, or just a fan of Anne’s, you will agree that you have discovered a unique and versatile singer, artist & musician.

Take a moment and browse through the site, recently updated to include videos of Anne’s latest cabaret performance at Don’t Tell Mama and a Special Interests category, which gives you an idea of the many other projects Anne is involved with. Listen to some of her private students perform their original music and arrangements. Read about Anne’s Dancing Tree’s Secret” project, an innovative and multidisciplinary work that seeks to teach children about dying using poetry, music and photographs of Steps on Broadway ballet dancers, costumed as trees. View Anne’s appearance in an MTV Music Video released for single “The Weakest Ones”, by A.R.E. Weapons.


MTV Music Video Appearance
Anne appears in "Weakest Ones" single video
by A.R.E. Weapons, Directed by David Foote

Another aspect of Anne’s creative expression is her fashion design. Those who know her well know that Anne often “finds” scraps of metal, leather, beads, wire, bits of nature, and transforms them into wearable art. She calls her creations “Adapt”, and intends for them to be worn as an inspiration to anyone seeking to make a statement that reflects who they are.

Check back for more info on "Adapt"...


“It is the function of art to renew our perception.”

Anaïs Nin

Anne's latest creations known as "KoKoDeco" are an expression of her experiences as a NYC expat in Florida and a process of using art and nature as a therapeutic means of healing. Her pieces are available for purchase and can be viewed at ETSY.

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Contact Anne Smith at: annesmith.smith10@gmail.com